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June & July 2017
Artist: Campbelltown U3A
Title: Activities for theover 50s.
Medium: Mixed

August 2017
Artist: Tanja Roma
Description: Dot Artwork
Medium: Acrylic

Previous Exhibitions

July 2015

Artist: Gretta Allen
Title: “From Life”
Medium: Conte, charcoal, pastel, oil

August 2015

Artist: Campbelltown SA Arts Community
Title: The Art House
Medium: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Photography

September 2015

Artist: Rob Allen, Julie Lane & Bruce Paton
Of the Burnside Painting Group
Title: “Fresh Visions”
Medium: Oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolour, pencil

October 2015

Artist: Students of Ruth Tuck Art School
Title: "60 Years of Ruth Tuck Art School"
Medium: Oil pastel with watercolour and felt pen

November 2015

Artist: Audrey Emery
Title: "Annual Children’s Art Exhibition"
Medium: Various

December 2015/ January 2016

Artist: Dan Nastasie
Title: “People of Campbelltown”
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

February 2016

Artist: Campbelltown Public Library
Title: "Campbelltown Library 40th Birthday Exhibition" 
Medium: Photographs, newspaper clippings, memorabilia

March 2016

Artist: Bruce Fallon
Title: “Unpretentious”
Medium: Oil on canvas/panel/paper

April 2016

Artist: Karen Beale
Title: TBC
Medium: TBC

May 2016

Artist: Marco Finocchiaro
Title: "Arc of the Dream"
Medium:Digital prints

June 2016

Artist: Fine Arts Photographers of SA
Medium: Mixed Medium

July 2016

Title: Campbelltown Community Arts Group
Medium: Mixed medium

August 2016
Artist: Bernadette Gordon
Medium: Digital Prints

September 2016
Artist: Luisa Jaksa
Title: Luisa Jaksa – Selected Works
Medium: Visual Art

October 2016
Artist: Kate Zubrinich
Title: ‘Paean’ -  a creative work expressing praise through portraiture
Medium: watercolour and acrylic

November 2016
Audrey Emery’s Annual Children’s Art Exhibition

December 2016 - January 2017
Artist: Jaliad
Title: Cracks in the Sky
Medium: Sculpture

February 2017
Artist: George Matthews
Title: A Working Life
Description: Drawings of Campbelltown Market Gardeners in the 1950s
Medium: Life Drawing

March 2017
Artist: John Liebelt and Pamela Mosman-Scott
Title: PJ Art
Medium: Mixed

April 2017
Artist: Young People of Campbelltown
Title: Breaking the Sterotypes
Description: In celebration of the Campbelltown Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)’s 20th Birthday in 2017, YAC are putting on a photographic exhibition designed to shake up common stereotypes of young people and celebrate the diversity, success and uniqueness of young people who live, work or study in the Campbelltown Council area.
Medium: Mixed

May 2017
Artist: Campbelltown U3A
Title: Activities for the over 50s
Medium: Mixed

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