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What is Local Government

The term "Local Government" refers to the system in which 68 local Councils operate in South Australia. The Constitution Act 1934 (SA), the Local Government Act 1999 (SA), and the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 (SA), create the legal framework within which Local Government operates and the four-yearly election process which underpins the representative nature of Local Government Councils. Elections are run by the Electoral Commission SA.

Democratically elected members make up Local Government Councils and with staff support and in partnership with their local communities they manage more than $8 billion worth of community infrastructure and invest about $1 billion a year in providing services to people who live, work, do business in, and visit the local Council area.

As with other democratically elected governments like the State and Federal Governments, Councils have powers to raise revenue (primarily through Council rates) to provide and maintain infrastructure and services, to regulate activities (such as building development) and to impose penalties if local regulations are breached (for example dangerous dog attacks).

The Local Government system in SA is integral to the democratic system of government in Australia which provides vital economic, social and environmental support for communities.

Click the following links for information on Local Government and how Councils work:

How Councils Work 
This site aims to encourage participation in Local Government through informed dealings with Councils.

Australian Local Government Association
The ALGA is the national advocate of local government, they initiate policy development and co-ordination and carry out required liaison activities.

Local Government Association of South Australia
The Local Government Association of South Australia is a membership organisation that provides quality services and leadership relevant to the needs of member Councils..

So You Want to be on Council?
This resource explains the role of an Elected Member and is a handy guide for anyone considering nomination at a Local Government Election.

Further election resources are available here.

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