Projects/Building Upgrade

Athelstone Community Hall - Accessible Toilet(Design and Consultation)

To engage a consultant to assess the current condition of the Hall based on 3 options developed by Staff. The options include upgrading the existing toilets or creating a new accessible toilet

Max Amber Sportsfield - Master Plan

To engage an architect and surveyor to assist with the development of a detailed design and costing for the redevelopment of the Max Amber Sportsfield complex

Max Amber Sportsfield - Soccer Goal Replacement

Replacement of the soccer goals at Max Amber Sportsfield which are 30 years old

Max Amber Sportsfield ASR - Stormwater Harvesting

(a) Replacement of the existing UV treatment unit capable of removing the required levels of E-coli. The existing Max Amber ASR scheme contains E-coli counts above the tolerance allowable by the EPA

(b) To rectify extensive erosion at the harvest point through the installation of gabion rock and cement treatment at the bottom of weir. This project is planned to be undertaken in conjunction with the replacement of the UV treatment unit

Thorndon Park

(a) Replacement of Rubber Flooring

Replacement of an existing section of rubber matting at the playground that is over 10 years old and continually requires patching up. It will be replaced with up to three different colours of rubber with a simple design

(b) Pump House Restoration

To restore the brick work, roof and guttering, security fencing and windows as well as removal of graffiti at the Pump House which sits in the north eastern corner of Thorndon Park

(c) Benches & Picnic Tables

To install 6 park benches and 2 picnic tables on concrete pads as per the Thorndon Park Master Plan as well as to provide additional seating areas for the general public

(d) Solar LED Lighting - Carried Forward

To isntall 8 solar lights for the event area where events such as Moonlight Markets are held. This will reduce the extent to which Council will need to hire portable lighting for these occasions

(e) Retaining Wall and Fence Replacement - Carried Foward

To replace up to 45 lineal metres of fencing along a section of the boundary of the park

(f) Transformer/Electrical Upgrade - Carried Forward

To improve the power supply to the park to reduce the likelihood of power outages that could occur during events

River Torrens Linear Park

(a) Advisory Signs

To install 20 advisory stickers/signage on the pavement along River Torrens Linear Park. It is expected that the signage will reduce complaints received between cyclists and pedestrians along the paths in the park

(b) Shared Path Replacement

Replacement of shared use path along River Torrens Linear Park at MacFarlane Place Campbelltown and between Produce Court and Riverview Drive Athelstone

Campbelltown Urban Village - Undergrounding and Footpath Upgrade

Undergrounding of power lines along Lower North East Road from Brooker Avenue to Church Road Campbelltown as well as the replacement of existing footpaths and kerb and gutters as part of the Campbelltown Urban Village Master Plan

Campbelltown Memorial Oval Redevelopment

To consolidate all users at the site into multipurpose facilities to enable shared use of certain spaces(eg meeting and function rooms, change rooms, toilets) and selective usage of other spaces(eg storage, offices). This project is subject to successful funding of 50% of the project by the Federal Government

Steve Woodcock Sports Centre - Solar Ventilators

To install two solar ventilators at Steve Woodcock Sports Centre subject to matching funding from the Houghton Table Tennis Club. The ventilators will be installed in the ceiling to reduce heat during warmer months

Hectorville Community Centre - Floor Replacement

Replacement of the existing carpet in the small hall with new commercial style carpet tiles. New vinyl timber slats will be laid over the top of the existing timber floor in the large hall

Magill Senior Citizens Hall - Sound System Replacement

Replacement of the existing sound system with a new amplifier, outputs, speakers and microphones which will be housed in a secured cupboard

Campbelltown Tennis & Netball Club - Carpark Renewal

To reconfigure and renew the existing off-street carparking to integrate with the new carpark at 35 Emery Road Campbelltown

Campbelltown Tennis & Netball Club - Carpark Installation on Vacant Block

To increase the capacity of off-street carparking at 35 Emery Road that will be integrated into the existing carpark at the club. This land was purchased specifically to increase the number of parking spaes available to users of the facility

De Conno Court Campbelltown - Carpark Renewal

To renew the existing De Conno Court off-street carpark to maximise the number of parking spaces avaiable

Council Office - Lunchroom Upgrade

To upgrade the existing Staff lunchroom to make it more appealing and functional

World War II Memorial - Additional Silhouette

To install an additional silhouette depicting a World War II servicewomen on the Memorial at Campbelltown Memorial Oval

Bus Stop - DDA Compliance Renewal

To upgrade 20 existing Council owned bus stops to Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 compliant.

Lochend House

(a) Fencing and Landscaping

Installation of fencing, paths and landscaping in line with the adopted Lochend House Master Plan to make the new building accessible

(b) New building - Carried Forward

To construct a new building adjacent to Lochend House as per the Lochend House and surrounds Master Plan

(c) Proposed Shed - Ripples Community Arts Inc - Carried Forward

To erect a 3.6m high shed at Lochend House Lochiel Parkway Campbelltown

Fourth Creek Trail Improvements - Stage 1

To improve the quality of the unstructured recreation spaces along the Fourth Creek trail between the Campbelltown Function Centre and Forest Avenue by improving the pathway and providing greater activation and amenity of this key section of the trail. This is subject to funding through the Open Space Development Grant Scheme

Replacement of Kitchend & Bar Facilities at Athelstone Recreation Reserve - Carried Forward

To replace the existing kitchen and bar facilities at the Athelstone Recreation Reserve to provide a more modern facility

Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Council on 08 8366 9222 during business hours.

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