PowerDown Campbelltown - Water Heating


PowerDown Campbelltown - Water HeatingIn an average South Australian home, around 60% of the indoor water use is used for the bath and shower and the laundry. 

It takes a lot of energy to heat water, so when you use hot water at home you're paying two costs - one for the water you use and two for the energy used to heat it.

Tips for using hot water

  • Take shorter showers
  • Keep track of water use
  • Consider a water efficient shower head
  • Fix dripping taps
  • Insulate hot water pipes
  • Turn down your water’s heat

When considering a new or replacement water heater, compare the different types of water heaters available including gas, solar and electric options. To assist with decision making, the Government of South Australia has developed an easy to use calculator to compare your options.

Adapted from the Government of South Australia, Water heating. Sourced on 23 April 2014, sa.gov.au/energy.

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