Policies & Codes


The documents below can be downloaded in PDF. Please contact Lyn Townsend, Manager Governance & Strategic Planning on 8366 9234 for further information.

Codes of Conduct

The State Government has adopted Codes of Conduct for Elected Members and Employees.  Copies of the Codes are provided below, however as these documents are uncontrolled copies, you should always confirm that you have the correct copy with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure before relying on the content of these documents.

Code of Conduct for Elected Members - effective 1 September 2013(230 kb)
Code of Conduct for Employees - effective 13 February 2014(1246 kb)


pdf Access & Inclusion Policy(88 kb)

pdf Active Ageing Policy(52 kb)

pdf Administrative Policy For Elected Members(85 kb)

pdf Appointments to Committees DAP and External Bodies Policy(101 kb)

pdf Arts and Cultural Development Policy(53 kb)

pdf Asset Management Policy(99 kb)

pdf Budget Preparation Policy(83 kb)

pdf Budget Review Policy(47 kb)

pdf Building and Swimming Pool Inspection Policy(85 kb)

pdf Business Continuity Policy(96 kb)

pdf Children and Vulnerable Persons Safety Policy(59 kb)

pdf Code of Practice for Access to Meetings and Documents(71 kb)

pdf Code of Practice for Meeting Procedures(177 kb)

pdf Community Accountability Policy(91 kb)

pdf Community Cemeteries Policy(97 kb)

pdf Community Grants Policy(43 kb)

pdf Council Development Assessment Panel Complaint Handling Policy(131 kb)

pdf Council Facility Hire Policy(103 kb)

pdf Debt Collection Policy(42 kb)

pdf Depreciation Policy(61 kb)

pdf Development Delegations Policy(67 kb)

pdf Dog Attacks and Harassment Policy(117 kb)

pdf Elected Members' Allowances and Support Policy(102 kb)

pdf Elected Members Training and Development Policy(97 kb)

pdf Election Caretaker Policy(125 kb)

pdf Events Policy(60 kb)

pdf Footpath Development & Maintenance Policy(80 kb)

pdf Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy(132 kb)

pdf Heritage Management Policy(67 kb)

pdf Internal Control Policy(51 kb)

pdf Internal Review of Council Decisions Policy(121 kb)

pdf Internet Email and Computer Use Policy(75 kb)

pdf Library Service Policy(114 kb)

pdf Memorials on Council Land Policy(95 kb)

pdf Order Making Policy(105 kb)

pdf Outdoor Dining Policy(116 kb)

pdf Parking Policy(100 kb)

pdf Physical Activity and Sports Policy(74 kb)

pdf Playground & Exercise Equipment Development & Maintenance Policy(80 kb)

pdf Privacy Policy(129 kb)

pdf Procurement Policy(143 kb)

pdf Prudential Management Policy(89 kb)

pdf Public and Environmental Health Policy(90 kb)

pdf Public Consultation Policy(94 kb)

pdf Rating Policy(70 kb)

pdf Records Management Policy(74 kb)

pdf Register of Interests Policy(98 kb)

pdf Request for Service and General Complaint Handling Policy(121 kb)

pdf Risk Management Policy(88 kb)

pdf Road Verge Development and Maintenance Policy(101 kb)

pdf Social Media Policy(93 kb)

pdf Social Plan Policy(53 kb)

pdf Street and Place Naming Policy(116 kb)

pdf Street Numbering Policy(25 kb)

pdf The ARC Campbelltown Policy(98 kb)

pdf Treasury Management Policy(57 kb)

pdf Tree Management Policy(110 kb)

pdf Volunteers Policy(58 kb)

pdf Whistleblowers Policy(107 kb)

pdf Youth Policy(56 kb)

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