PowerDown Campbelltown


With the assistance of the Commonwealth Government Community Energy Efficiency Program, Campbelltown Council has undertaken upgrades to it's new function centre and the existing civic centre and also developed a range of interactive tools to provide advice and assistance on energy.

Saving Energy at Home

PowerDown Campbelltown - Pie ChartIt’s good to know where and how we use our energy, so that we can be sure our efforts have the biggest impact.

About 38% of our energy use is for heating and cooling our homes.

Hot water accounts for 25%, and using appliances, fridges and freezers make up about 23% of total energy use.

Adapted from the Government of South Australia, How energy is used in the home. Sourced on 23 April 2014, sa.gov.au/energy.




Heating & cooling Cooking Stand-by power Water heating Lighting Fridges & freezers Other appliances

PowerDown Campbelltown Video

Watch our video online about Council improvements and programs offered to the community.

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